RampSalt is great with Chicken, Beef, Pork, Fish, and Venison
Use RampSalt in a marinade or as an addition to your favorite rub
Excellent in soups, stews, and roasts
Also good on vegetables and fruit
Try all of our RampSalt products and find your favorites for all your recipes
RampSalt is a flavor enhancer made from Wild Leeks. It has been picked
fresh, cleaned, and added to fresh kosher salt through our unique process.
Try our product on anything you like with salt and it will add a hearty, robust
zip to all your dishes. We are confident you will discover a taste you will want
to enjoy again and again.
Allium Tricoccum
The Ramp grows over the eastern North America from South Carolina to Canada. Ramps
are an early spring vegetable, a perennial wild onion with a strong garlic-like odor and a
pronounced onion flavor. The mountain folk of Appalachia have long celebrated spring with
the arrival of the ramp and there are numerous festivals promoting the benefits and
proliferation of Ramps. They even have a growing popularity in upscale restaurants
throughout North America.